Why Should You Be a Peer Reviewer?

We are glad to announce another webinar for our researchers; this LIVE webinar will be conducted by Dr. Philip Lindeman (M.D., Ph.D.; Columbia University, USA) who will help the attendees enhance their understanding about the intricacies of the peer review process and also explain why researchers should consider becoming peer reviewers.

After this session, you will have more information on the following:

  • The value of peer review to science and authors
  • Types of peer review
  • Flaws of the traditional form of peer review
  • Alternate forms of peer review
  • Why be a peer reviewer?
  • What do reviewers look for?
  • Types of decisions
  • New developments


  • Dr. Lindeman is a published author with professional expertise in the field of academic writing and publishing.
  • An accomplished paediatrician, Dr. Lindeman completed his medical training from Yale University and Columbia University.
  • He also obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology from Columbia University. His project dealt with understanding the function of the secretory cells in the lungs and kidneys.
  • Dr. Lindeman has also worked as a freelance editor/writer for several years and has helped several STEM researchers publish their manuscripts successfully.

Please post topic-related queries on Enago Academy’s Q&A forum and send general queries to academy@enago.com. Kindly note we will share all webinar-related material (e.g., handouts, checklists, etc.) only with the attendees. Please go ahead and recommend this session to your colleagues! It’s free!




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