cannot 和 can not

否定性动词cannot也可以被写为can not,但前者一般更适当。Can not 形式特别着重表达的是这个动词的否定性,因此仅在想要表达这种强烈意思的时候用can not才适当。而这一般有两种情况,一是来表达特别重要的主张,一是当not表达的否定意义与读者的期望相反时。通常如果不是此类情况,则应该用cannot。

以下我们举出两个例子来说明恰当使用can not的典型情况。

  1. Francis et al. claimed that these tubules dilate sufficiently that they can allow a flow rate of 3 cm3/s, but our experiments clearly demonstrate that they can not. In fact, we have found that even under extreme conditions, the maximum flow rate is less than 1 cm3/s.
  2. The main finding of this study is that for a > ac,  when computing the velocity, we can not ignore the nonlinear coupling of modes.


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