continual 与 continuous

形容词 continual 与 continuous(及其副词形式 continually 与 continuously)所表达的意思相似,在非正式使用时,两者往往可以互换;不过,严格来说,它们的意义并不相同,而且在正式的英文写作中应加以区分,尤其是学术论文。

这两个形容词都是描述某些状况或状态没有停止的情形。两者意思的差异在于,continuous 描述没有间断的行为或状况,而 continual 则用于某些行为或状况在一段时期内曾经中断,但仍重复出现的情形。

以下例句将说明 continual(ly) 与 continuous(ly) 之间的差异。

  1. The visitors have made continual requests to be moved to another room.
  2. After continually attempting to measure the signal directly, we eventually gave up and constructed an indirect and more generally applicable method.
  3. The herons continually returned to the same marsh to feed./li>
  4. We assume that the pressure is a continuous function of the volume during the operation.
  5. The patient is continuously monitored.
  6. This power plant generally operates with a continuous output of 22 MW.


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