farther 与 further

单词 farther 与 further(两者均可当作形容词或副词使用)都是形容词 / 副词 far 的比较级形式。虽然这些单词有时可以互换,但还是要记住两者之间存在重要差异。

尽管这两个单词都可用来表达“较远的距离”,但一般而言,farther 应使用于与实体距离有关的状况,而 further 则应使用于与非实体距离有关的状况。通过以下例句说明这种差异。

  1. I walked 10 km farther than I needed to.
  2. The two groups’ positions on the key issues were further apart after the meeting than before.

除了上述例句所显示的差异,两者的使用广度也有明显不同。具体来说,虽然 further 可用于表达 more、other、in addition 及 additional(ly) 的意思,但 farther 并不具有这类意思。以下将说明前述 further 的用法。

  1. Further discussion of this point is given below.
  2. They requested further funding for their research.
  3. This is the first experiment of its kind to yield such clear results. Further, it was performed using a very simple technique.

如果将句中的 further 替换为 farther,则构成的句子将令人无法理解。


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