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Writing Better Is Now Easier Than Ever: Edit With Trinka AI


We are hosting a series of webinars to demonstrate how Trinka AI will assist authors and researchers in writing academic and technical papers more effectively.

  • This webinar will focus on increasing the understanding of authors about two popular and most frequently used features of Trinka for editing and reviewing—Cloud Editor and Auto File Edit.
  • We will share important tips on how researchers can make the most of these features based on their writing style and needs.

Further, we will help authors understand the differences between the two for apt usage:

  • Why Trinka is the right writing assistant for academic writing

Academic writing is nuanced and other currently available tools do not consider these nuances. Trinka is tailor made for academic and formal writing and offers the right assistance for this genre of writing.

  • Using the Trinka Cloud Editor for effective writing

Trinka’s Cloud Editor offers the convenience of real-time writing assistance, with improvements tailored to academic and formal writing. Trinka Cloud makes writing and reviewing easy and fun.

  • Using the Auto File Edit feature to edit a paper in just few clicks

Auto File Edit lets you take advantage of our powerful AI to edit your document in a couple of clicks. It applies all required changes at once with tracked changes so you save time and are always in control of the changes.


  • Peer reviewers
  • Established researchers
  • Journals
  • Publishers


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