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从语义角度来说,分号的主要作用与句号及逗号类似,都是要插入某种心理上的“距离”1。 在语法上,有两种用途,接下来将进行讨论。



      1. The implication of this result is not what it may seem to be; it is much more.
      2. We would like to use the former treatment; with fewer side effects, it is safer.



      1. We next consider three effects: oxidation; condensation; fracture.
      2. The main results are the following: there is only one unfixed parameter in the model; each of its solution has a bounded support; the strictly positive solution is consistent with all known experimental results.

正如此处所示,以冒号带入一项清单时,可以利用分号分隔清单中的项目。如果这项清单由单一单词或简短词组所组成,如例句 (3),还可使用逗号取代分号。不过,当这些项目是较长词组或从句时,如例句 (4),则要使用分号。

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